Clear Lake Area Chapter Continues Texas Blitz

The Clear Lake Area NSS & Moon Society Chapter added yet another chapter to an already successful 2017 Texas Legislative Blitz. After meeting with Congressman Gene Green (D-TX29) in July and with Jeannie Kranz, a key staffer to Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX36) in October, our briefing team had a very productive meeting with Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX14), whose district spans the Texas Gulf Coast from Beaumont through Galveston to Freeport, on the morning of Friday, December 15th in his League City office. We discussed the proposed Cis-Lunar Commercialization Act and the SEDS Act which has been introduced by Mr. Rohrabacher of California at some length. We also had time to briefly discuss the NEOCAM telescope for monitoring near-Earth space from the Earth-Sun L1 point which has been proposed by JPL. The Congressman engaged us throughout and even quizzed us to determine our grasp of the points we were discussing.

Photo below, left to right: John Cook, constituent of district TX-14; Congressman Randy Weber; Eric Bowen, CLA-NSS/MS chapter president; David Cheuvront, NSS Policy Committee.

Congressman Randy Weber Briefing Team