Annual Meeting Held October 16th; Welcome new Director Keith Dauzat!

The Annual Meeting of the Clear Lake Area Chapter was held at the Bay Area Community Center on Monday evening, October 16th. Seven members attended, including two chapter officers and one director. Chapter business included:

  • Election of Officers: The following slate of officers was elected by acclamation: Eric Bowen, Chapter President; Doug Hall, Vice-President; Jay Lewchanin, Treasurer; Marianne Dyson, Director, Position 1; Keith Dauzat, Director, Position 2; Larry Friesen, Director, Position 3. The Chapter welcomes Mr. Dauzat to fill out our complement of Directors; our position for a Secretary is still vacant should anyone wish to volunteer.
  • NSS Heinlein Award Chapter Ballot: Our chapter is entitled to a group vote for the Heinlein award recognizing lifetime contributions to a spacefaring civilization; members who are active in NSS are also encouraged to cast their own personal ballots. After discussion, our Chapter cast its first choice vote for Captain Gene Cernan of Apollo 17; its second choice vote for Mr. Peter Kokh, long-time publisher of Moon Miners’ Manifesto; and its third choice vote for General Michael Collins of Apollo 11.
  • Texas Legislative Blitz: While August is past, there remains a potential opportunity to reach out to influential legislators in our area. Our chapter has three active members who are constituents of Mr. Brian Babin, chairman of the House subcommittee on space; and at least one active member who is a constituent of Randy Weber, member of the House committee on science, space, and technology. We spent some time discussing plans to reach out to these members of Congress and/or their staffs.

Double Feature Movie Night!

Saturday, November 11th, 2017
4:00-10:30 p.m

Anita Gale Residence
18506 Upper Bay Road
Nassau Bay, Texas

Anita Gale is hosting our Chapter’s November “Movie Night” in her home at 18506 Upper Bay Road in Nassau Bay, across NASA 1 and down the road just a few blocks from the Space Center on Saturday, November the 11th from 4:00 through 10:30 p.m. This year’s get-together will be a Double Feature of two space classics from the best of Hollywood!

We’ll begin at 4:00 p.m. with a viewing of the 1950 George Pal classic, Destination Moon. There we’ll see Hollywood’s first serious attempt to envision an actual journey to the Moon. After that film we’ll have a bit of a dinner break with sandwich fixings and chips, then we’ll return to Anita’s TV room to see how we really did go to the Moon with Ron Howard’s masterpiece, Apollo 13.

We’ll have the popcorn machine going throughout; Anita will have her legendary spread of adult and soft beverages; and you’re all invited to bring along your leftover Halloween candy!

We would appreciate an RSVP email to so that we know how many to plan for. No charge for the event, but voluntary contributions towards the refreshments will be accepted with our thanks. Children are welcome with appropriate adult supervision.

October Annual meeting: Monday the 16th, 7:00 p.m.

The annual business meeting and election of officers for the Clear Lake Area National Space Society & Moon Society chapter will be on Monday, October 16th in the conference room of the Bay Area Community Center in Clear Lake Park. Doors open at 6:30; meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. Light refreshments, sodas and bottled water will be available. The address is 5002 NASA Road 1; Seabrook, Texas. The Community Center is north of NASA 1, away from the lake; enter through the side door adjacent to the parking lot as the main entrance may be locked after 5:00 p.m.

Election of Chapter Officers:

The annual election of Chapter officers and directors will be held at this meeting. Positions up for election are:

  • Chapter President – Currently held by Eric Bowen.
  • Chapter Vice-President – Currently held by Doug Hall.
  • Chapter Treasurer – Currently held by Jay Lewchanin.
  • Chapter Secretary – Currently vacant.
  • Director, Position 1 – Currently held by Marianne Dyson.
  • Director, Position 2 – Currently vacant.
  • Director, Position 3 – Currently held by Larry Friesen.

To be eligible for all officer positions and Director, Position 1 a candidate must be, or must be willing to become, an active member in BOTH the National Space Society and The Moon Society. A candidate for Director, Position 2 must be an active member of the National Space Society. A candidate for Director, Position 3 must be an active member of The Moon Society.

Nominations opened at our August meeting and the current slate of officers was re-nominated. No nominations were received by email before the cutoff date of Friday, October 6th. Nominations will reopen from the floor before the election is held. The new officers will take their positions as of January 1st. (Positions currently vacant will be filled immediately upon election.)