Annual Meeting Held October 16th; Welcome new Director Keith Dauzat!

The Annual Meeting of the Clear Lake Area Chapter was held at the Bay Area Community Center on Monday evening, October 16th. Seven members attended, including two chapter officers and one director. Chapter business included:

  • Election of Officers: The following slate of officers was elected by acclamation: Eric Bowen, Chapter President; Doug Hall, Vice-President; Jay Lewchanin, Treasurer; Marianne Dyson, Director, Position 1; Keith Dauzat, Director, Position 2; Larry Friesen, Director, Position 3. The Chapter welcomes Mr. Dauzat to fill out our complement of Directors; our position for a Secretary is still vacant should anyone wish to volunteer.
  • NSS Heinlein Award Chapter Ballot: Our chapter is entitled to a group vote for the Heinlein award recognizing lifetime contributions to a spacefaring civilization; members who are active in NSS are also encouraged to cast their own personal ballots. After discussion, our Chapter cast its first choice vote for Captain Gene Cernan of Apollo 17; its second choice vote for Mr. Peter Kokh, long-time publisher of Moon Miners’ Manifesto; and its third choice vote for General Michael Collins of Apollo 11.
  • Texas Legislative Blitz: While August is past, there remains a potential opportunity to reach out to influential legislators in our area. Our chapter has three active members who are constituents of Mr. Brian Babin, chairman of the House subcommittee on space; and at least one active member who is a constituent of Randy Weber, member of the House committee on science, space, and technology. We spent some time discussing plans to reach out to these members of Congress and/or their staffs.